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What We Offer

Our ambition is to enhance your individual identity so tell us what you want and we can make it happen.


Our ambition is to enhance your individual identity so tell us what you want, and we can make it happen.


The Finest Pearls

Pearls are perhaps nature’s greatest expression of renewal. Under great pressure the tiniest grain of sand experiences a metamorphosis to become a treasured gem. We source the very best pearls from carefully managed farms to deliver truly elegant pieces with minimal environmental impact.
Certification: All of our Lily Treacy's fine jewelry/pearl products come with our "Certificate of Authenticity", which guarantees that the pearls and jewelry you receive are 100% genuine, and are exactly as stated in the listings. Each certificate is signed by our pearl expert, and details the pearl type and country of origin of your pearls.

Solid Gold and Silver
There is nothing quite like the feel of gold. It warms to the touch, it’s weight is reassuring, and its malleability is second to none. That is why we offer unadulterated 999 purity chains, they offer the true feeling of wearing gold that ancient Egyptian and Roman emperors enjoyed. Additionally, we offer 18kt and 14kt pieces because the additional strength of the alloy is necessary to hold stones in place.

Silver is known the world over for its mirror shine and natural anti-bacterial qualities. Twinning sterling 925 silver with pearls is match worthy of the history books or as we say here a marriage of sheen and shine.

Cubic Zirconia and Russian Crystal
The brilliance, low environmental impact and cost advantage of cubic zirconia and Russian crystals have fascinated jewelry connoisseurs since they hit the market in the last century. Lily Treacy makes the finest examples available for your consideration and guaranteed appreciation.

Finest Packaging
Even the most alluring gem sometimes needs a little help. When you are presenting your gift at night, or proposing to your future spouse in a romantic dimly lit restaurant, Lily Treacy’s line of LED light-up boxes ensure you will get the YES you want.

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