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About Us

Hello there, welcome to visit my home:!

I love to travel and I have a passion for all that nature has to offer. Pearls are a truly renewable resource that have been appreciated by people for thousands of years. They are created through a natural birthing process by oysters which is why they have always been a customary gift for mothers.

As a mother myself, pearls became my favorite gem. My travels provided me the perfect opportunity to develop relationships with the cultivators of Akoya, Golden south sea, Tahitian and freshwater pearls,  so that I get the first choice from every harvest and therefore can provide you with the very best quality pearls with the most attractive price.

I make all manner of pearl jewelry. Everything from necklaces, earrings and rings to bracelets and I am open to creating custom orders at your discretion. With more than 10 years of pearl jewelry design and manufacturing experience, a strong believer of  hard work and customer always comes first, I am ready to provide you the best products and service! Lily Treacy pearl jewelry, HAND MADE WITH LOVE!  


Our commitment

Luxurious, Elegant Design where you can have confidence materials have been sourced in an ethical, sustainable manner. By wearing Lily Treacy you know that a percentage of your purchase will help fund charity directly aimed at enhancing the lives of people less fortunate than ourselves all over the world.


About Lily Treacy's collection

Beauty is such a wondrous thing that we really can’t think about it would conjuring up an image of someone or something precious. We wear, treasure and desire jewelry because it reflects the beauty within us. This is the artistry embodied by Lily Treacy’s collection.

Designing iconic pieces and choosing from the very best stones, pearls and materials to help you to offer the world a window on the beauty that embodies your identity. Just as we respect our bodies we have the deepest regard for the world around us. That goes into everything we do.

We travel all over the world and take the greatest care to source gems which exhibit mother Nature’s glory while also making sure we foster the environment for generations to come.


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